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Did your digital transformation get stuck in PowerPoint?

Transformative AI may well be at your doorstep, but the biggest risk is going in circles. Customers will not wait for companies to debate what needs doing.

Instead, make radical innovation real. All it takes is the right partner — one who cares as much as you about the future of your business, and knows how to find the shortest path there.

We make state-of-the-art digital technology as fast and easy for large organizations as it is for startups. So we package the startup skillset, mindset and workflow in a format that works for the enterprise.

We map out the strategic roadmap for the next ten years of innovation

We find your most future-proof ideas today

The ideas are already there, in your organization you just need to shine a light on the real pain points. We will help you find the new tech that is appropriate to solve your most critical problems.

Marshal stakeholder consensus around a detailed business case

We roll out real solutions after six weeks

The first and only concern is to try a prototype on real users. That’s what startups do, and that’s why they steal your customers. Everything else comes later; legacy integration etc.

Staff up your most critical functions with external experts

We show your organization how to keep innovating on its own

Building an innovative competence in-house is critical for continuous innovation. We won’t just deliver in six weeks and then exit. We will ensure that the ambition and competence to keep innovating spreads like wildfire in your organization.

Our product line

What we’ve done so far

We are up for anything. This is a small selection of the projects we’ve delivered since our inception in 2017.

Identify the potential in new technology

We help your organization to innovate and leverage cutting edge technology.

Self-teaching robots runs conversion in a public environment

Certified provider of pleasant social robots that visitors and customers will remember.

Real-time demand prognosis and storage optimization

We automatically discover patterns that correlate with your business.

Intelligent monitoring ensures ethical investments and business partners

We monitor ethical perspectives of investments and business partners to minimize reputational risk.

Customer service in a minute

With real-time analysis of historical questions, we find answers to client queries.

Medicinal 3D-modeling for modern pediatrics

Enables pediatric scans for customizable footrests with mobile 3D-scanners.

Intuitive conversational interfaces that learn customer vocabulary

New ways of communicating online opens for an intelligent brand presence towards customers.

Management consultants

A team with deep tech knowledge

Our full time staff has degrees ranging from computer science to economics and industrial engineering and management. What they have in common is a genuine interest in the latest tech.


optimizes business processes ‭+46 70-685 09 89‬


teaches machines to think ‭+46 73-763 37 21‬


designs scalable solutions ‭+46 70-015 81 69‬


creates usable applications +46 70-758 13 48


talks to robots +46 76-191 42 55


innovates your industry ‭+46 70-660 81 18‬


predicts business outcomes ‭+46 73-506 56 33‬


reinvents tech solutions ‭+46 70-927 55 11‬


develops secure services ‭+46 70-758 18 37

Work for us

Grow with us

You know the tech. You have the drive to get things done.

Working with us, you can apply your skills to the challenges of real businesses.

We do not ask for years of experience. We ask for a curious mindset and a passion for technology.

You can learn and grow with us.

Do you want to know what kind of problems we face? See our portfolio.

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